The top 5 rated Car Shipping Companies



    When transporting your car, you need to choose a reliable and safe car transportation company, because I am sure you would not want to damage or loose your highly valued car.  These are the top 5 car transportation companies whose services you should consult the next time you are transporting your car:


    1.Ship a Car Inc

    This is a dependable and affordable company that offers services of auto shipping in the USA.  Ship a Car has a large chain of trucks that are dispatched on all major roads, enabling it to carry your car from any point to your destination around the United States.  This company will offer you car shipping services that are simplified,you will save your time, money and on top of that, you can relax while your car is on the move since you are sure it is safe and will get to your destination at the agreed time.

    Ship a car Inc is well known for offering customised services that are tailor made to fit your needs as a specific customer, since different customers have different unique needs.  This company will handle your car as if it is their own.  The car will finally be delivered to you safely and within the stipulated time.

    2.  Car shippers

    Car shippers is one of the few transport companies that have very high customer review ratings.  Many websites that deal with auto transport companies rate it high because its services are simply gorgeous.  This company is known to have professional live agents and has access to more than 5,000 carriers that are licensed by the department of transport,who are always ready to respond to your call as a customer.

    The following are some of the shipping services that they provide:

    a) Auto transport that is enclosed

    b) Shipping carts used in golf

    c) Shipping of military vehicles

    d) Shipping of motorcycles

    e) Car shipping that is classic or collector

    f) Hawaii auto transport

    g) Alaska auto transport

    h) Boat, jet, Rv, ski, boat and seasonal car moving


    3. Auto Shipping

    Auto shipping is one of the best car transportation companies for you if you want to relocate and you have to get your car along with you to your new destination.Auto shipping has thousands of carrier fleets, and if you search keenly, you are sure to find one within your location.  They will move your car securely, safely, faster, affordably and reliably.

    This company is licensed by FMCSA and DOT,and it is both bonded and secured.  Regardless of your car transport needs, just make a call to their customer care and you will receive appropriate advice.

    Their services include:

    a) Relocation for corporates

    b) Auto transport that is enclosed

    c) Transportation of motorcycles

    d) Car shipping internationally

    e) Snow birds

    4.  Dependable auto shippers

    DAS has been in car transport business for over 30 years.  It boasts of its unique service delivery and customer service support.  Just as its name suggests, they are responsible and will not disappoint you.  It is also highly dependable.

    This company will help you transport the following:

    a) Recreational vehicles

    b) Antique cars

    c) Cars and trucks

    d) ATVs and custom cars

    e) Motorcycles and vans

    f) Boats and planes

    They are nationwide,and you can be sure to find one within your locality.


    5.  Safe Auto Transport

    The name of this company tells you what their emphasis is, as far as your car transport is concerned.  Safety and security of your car are their main aim.  This company is one of the few that has the latest technology and state of the art transportation carriers are used to handle your vehicle.  This ensures that your car is delivered to you at the specifically agreed time,and in the original state.

    Safe Auto Transport offers the following services:

    a) International car shipping

    b) RV transport

    c) Seasonal movers and snowbirds

    d) Motorcycle transport

    e) Corporate relocation

    f) Enclosed auto transport

    g) Classic and collector cars



    The choice of a good car transportation company is crucial for the safe and convenient delivery of your car to your destination.  Delivery of your car in good time and in its original condition is important to you as a car owner because you would not want to loose or damage your car in the process of its transportation.  Consider the above 5 transport companies the next time you are transporting your car.  They are the top 5 car transport companies that will guarantee you safety and convenience in car transport.  Choose one of them and you will never be disappointed.



    Last Updated 1/25/2017