Four Key Points about Car Transporter Services in your area


    Car transport in your location should be a simple and straight forward process. Unfortunately, the reality in today's car transport landscape reveals that it is not. Client's, therefore, need to arm themselves with the requisite tools to guard against scams and unprofessional carriers and companies that may damage, lose, or steal your vehicle. Below, we take a look at 4 simple guidelines on how to find a car transporter in your area in order to get your car shipped to its destination safely as follows:

    1. Who are you looking to entrust with your vehicle?

    When shipping a car from your location across the country, it is important to know that any and all free shipping quotes that you may receive are from brokers. There are no companies that are large enough to maintain trucks and staff all over the country at any given time and from any starting point. This means that every car transporter will have to outsource drivers. Do not be fooled by transporters representing themselves as carriers and who promise to ship your car nationwide.

    In interacting with brokers, only select those brokers and companies who represent the market in your location and themselves honestly. Every reliable carrier and broker uses the National Load Board System to list cars available for pick up as well as select cars for pickup respectively. In addition, many brokers maintain networks of reliable carriers whose reliability and routes they are familiar with.

    2. Lowest quotes are not always best

    Those looking for car transporters in your region should always be aware not to jump at the lowest prices. Some brokers are renowned for providing unrealistically low car transport quotes which may be a disguised attempt at getting more money from vehicle owners. Do not fall for this. Instead, look for reliable brokers who offer reasonable mid-range prices so as to ensure that your car will not only be picked up in a timely manner, but delivered on time as well. Remember, if quotes are tragically low, the result might be that the car will not ultimately be shipped at that price.

    3. Tips to lower your costs

    Upon settling on what you deem a reputable car transporter in your area, it is highly advisable that you deliver your vehicle with less than a quarter tank of gas to aid with the weight requirements. Also, take precautions not weigh down your vehicle with unnecessary personal belongings. The less each car weighs on the truck, the more efficient the fuel economy for the company transporting your vehicle. In some instances, trucks can even be fined for carrying overweight loads.

    4. Be candid about your expectations

    Lastly, when looking for a car transporter company in your area, be realistic with yourself and the company’s potential brokers. Maybe you have a schedule to keep, a price range or both. These small nuggets of information can be immensely beneficial for brokers when they are looking to provide you with enticing insurance quotes.


    Car transportation in your region can be difficult to navigate even at the best of times. There are seemingly endless organizations looking to win your business at any cost. But while this may at times appear tricky, it can go very smoothly if you follow the above laid out guidelines. Carry out your research, know what you need beforehand, and go for a car transporter that you feel you can trust. These are essential in having your car delivered to its destination safely and in timely fashion.


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    Last Updated 9/6/2016