What Do I need to Know when getting Auto Shipping Quotes in Minnesota

    The dreaded time has once again come where you need ship your car from Minnesota to a far off destination and become filled with worries about its safety. Wait, is the situation of shipping so terrible that people who use their services end up worrying about the well-being of their precious vehicle? Well, probably not, unless you're over thinking it or haven't taken the time to read an auto shipping guide which helps you choose a competent transporter.

    So, before you ask about the auto shipping quotes from Minnesota, be sure to ask these five things first. If you are happy with their responses, then the likelihood of you car making the trip safe has dramatically increased. 

    Five questions to ask when looking for auto shipping quotes from Minnesota

    1. Do Auto Shipping Quotes from Minnesota include a deposit fee?

    Well, not all auto transport companies in Minnesota are alike, and neither is their business. The number 1 you should ask is if the shipping company requires you to make  a deposit before they will schedule your vehicle for transport. If the answer to the question is yes, then you are most likely dealing with an Auto Transport Broker, which has some pros and cons (more info here). While the decision to use  an  auto transport company who charges deposits is entirely up to you, just remember that this is not a required by all auto transport companies take part in.

    2. Does the vehicle shipping company Have Insurance?

    Now this is a tricky one. When you're looking for car transport companies in Minnesota, you must ask about their insurance coverage. If a mover quotes a price that sounds too good to be true, then the chances are that they do not have a comprehensive insurance that protects your rights in case of damage during shipping. Regular auto insurance is not enough to cover your vehicle when it's on the move, and you need supplemental insurance to cover all aspects. Ensure that the company's insurance is valid before loading your car on their trailer.

    3. How Experienced is the Auto Shipping Company in Minnesota

    Like in every other field, experience also plays a role in determining if an auto mover is worth the price or not. If you have any reason to believe that the customer care executive is not telling the truth about their experience, make sure to check online about the company's background and for how long they've been in the market.

    4. What sets them apart from other Auto Shipping Companis in Minnesota?

    No, it isn't just about price or how safely they can get your vehicle from point A to point B. If you actually want to hire a transport company that is one step ahead of the curve, enquire about the things that make them unique. Are they willing to take an extra step for customer satisfaction? Do they possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle different type of cars? How well do they know about the ethics involved in vehicle transport? These are some of the features that set apart an average company from a great one.

    5. Do they offer free and no-obligation quotes?

    Last but not the least; ask if they offer free, non-obligation quotes. A reputed auto transport companyin Minnesota almost always provides this facility because they value customer service over everything else. However, beware of a mover that refuses to provide an accurate quotation for their services in writing because it either means they don't value transparency, or their business model is unethical.


    Last Updated 3/30/2017

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