Why good shipping companies must offer free quotes

    I think we can all agree that auto shipping companies that offer a wide range of services, from free quotes to dependable customer services, often translate to quality and dependable work when it comes to your automobile...right?

    Every good auto shipping company must be able to offer estimates of their services, a wide range of transportation options, and 24/7 customer service. Without these, you're much safer transferring to another company.

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    Free quotes 

    It's essential to get estimates of their pricing as this is the No. 1 tool you can use to assess whether their services are right for you. Without an estimate, you will not be able to learn how much it would cost you to hire a shipping company. If you happen to be aware of ballparks of how much auto shipping costs, then you can also be able to compare their estimates to other companies.

    Companies often do not put up their pricing ranges online because they need to learn valuable information firsthand before they can provide you an accurate quote. For example, they will need to know when you need the vehicle transported; how far it needs to be moved; if the vehicle is an everyday automobile or a classic car that is special to you. Once they get answers to their questions, they can provide you with an accurate estimate.

    You do not want to pay more than is necessary and the quote will also help you make sure that this is not an issue for you.

    Also, too many people are unaware that getting a free quote is the easiest, best and quickest way to learn if a car shipping company is legitimate or a fake. You do not want to hire a fake company because then you will just be getting ripped off.

    It is smart to take advantage of the free quotes so you can determine before you hire any company if they are real or not. Fake or fly-by-night companies will try and charge you for a quote or will not even offer to provide one.


    Options for transportation

    Aside from free quotes, another metric by which you could assess whether an auto shipping company offers quality and dependable transport services. They make sure that you get the kind of transportation you need depending on your vehicle, whether it's open carrier transportation or enclosed transport options, which are used for expensive and exotic cars. Such kinds of options must be considered before searching for an auto shipping company.


    24/7 customer service

    The customer support is another crucial factor which and it should be highly responsive. They also inform you how to get your vehicle ready for shipping to ensure your automobile's safety. A 24/7 customer support is essential to know the status of consignment.

    Legitimate companies always give one on their website or even over the phone because they understand how essential they are to anyone that is thinking about hiring them. 

    Now that you know what the most vital tool is for locating good auto shipping companies and how to choose the right company for you, it is time to get your search started. The sooner you hire a good auto shipping company to help you move your vehicle, the faster you can relax.

    Last Updated 6/1/2017

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