One good practice you should do whenever you want to ship your automobile off cross-country or to another one is to check the reliability of the car shipping company itself.

    Other good practices for you to follow would be to scout for online reviews on the most reputable sites. Do a quick scan on the Better Business Bureau and see how a particular vehicle shipping company stacks up in ratings. Are there any complaints by disgruntled customers?

    Also, not all auto carriers have the same procedure when it comes to transporter types, insurance, and delivery procedures. It would do you a lot of good to find the best one that suits your needs.

    It all could sound confusing, but we're here to help. Here are the best auto carriers for shipping your vehicle across the country:

    1. Ship A Car Direct

    This longstanding auto carrier company has been in service since 2008. You may know them as Honesty First Auto Transport, which says a lot about what they want to convey to their customers. Ship A Car Direct is bonded and insured to deliver your automobile in a door-to-door method. What makes them excellent is their dedication to using only the best car carriers for their customers. Each order to ship a vehicle comes with an added insurance amounting to $500, free of charge.

    Ship A Car Direct specializes in working with small business owners and out of state movers.

    2. AmeriFreight

    AmeriFreight has one of the catchiest names in the auto shipping industry, but are they up to standards with the best car carriers?

    The answer is yes. The company has worked on ways on how to provide the best possible transport rates while still being customer-centric. They have also upped the protection services on your vehicle. AmeriFreight has some excellent discounted costs in car shipping and auto protection. The quoting and pricing are attractive enough to entice customers; you'll be delighted to speak with friendly customer support representatives that are helpful and knowledgeable about what they do.

    AmeriFreight is best for cab companies, car collectors and out of state movers.

    3. Executive Auto Shippers

    Executive Auto Shippers is a competitive car shipping company that specializes in delivering daily use cars, classic cars, luxury cars, and ATVs. A group of like-minded auto carrier professionals founded it in 2009, offering both international and domestic car delivery options from the start.

    EAS should be your choice if you want to move your car with special requirements or if you're moving with your family.

    4. eShip

    eShip makes it easier for you to find the best auto transport carriers by connecting you with them. Since 2010, the company has worked with the Department of Transportation as a broker that provides moving services and shipment of household items across the nation.

    They move over a thousand cars each month, with options for an expedited vehicle within a 24-hour notice. A useful feature to take note of is that eShip won't charge upfront deposits for securing a driver. First-time customers will be happy to know there's vehicle tracking available.

    eShip is for individuals who need to transport a car really quick. Small business owners and out of state movers can benefit from the extra features the company gives as well.

    5. Ship Your Car Now

    Do you need a reliable auto carrier now? Then Ship Your Car Now (SYCN) is one of the best companies you can go with. They offer 24/7 domestic and international car shipping services. Furthermore, the friendly staff makes sure you get the best rates when shipping your vehicle.

    SYCN is known for having quick, reliable shipping coupled with a painless quoting process and affordable rates. If you want to ship classic car collections or if you're moving out of the country, then you may want to consider going with Ship Your Car Now.

    In the meantime, here's a good instructional video that tells you what to expect when your car is being shipped and how you can choose an auto carrier company that's best suited for you.


    Last Updated 5/24/2017

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