Tips on how to decide which auto car shippers are legit !

    As the world becomes more globalized, there is a tremendous rise in business for auto car shippers to ship a wide range of vehicles from motorbikes to lorries and trucks. Online car auctions and sales have also led to a rise in demand for shipping services.
    Consequently, these days there are many auto car shippers to choose from. The main issue is how to go about picking an appropriate car shipping service for your vehicle? The following are the methods and tips for any person to use when looking for the best car shipping companies.

    1. Inform yourself about each company - Before you can make any informed decision you have to learn about every company you think about hiring. You will be entrusting them with your car, so you have to make sure you hire the right one. Learn as much information as you can about each company to help you determine if they can be trusted with your vehicle.

    2. Use free estimates to benefit you - Free quotes are given for a reason, to help you in making a decision about which company to hire. The legitimate companies will always offer a free quote, use this to your benefit. The estimate will tell you the companies cost, their services and offer you other essential information about whether the company is dependable or not.

    3. Do not be afraid to get in touch with any company - Take time to get in contact with any company that you are interested in hiring. This will answer any questions you have and help you get a feel of their customer service, which is essential to know because good service usually means a dependable company.

    4. Use your common sense - When you are trying to make a decision about hiring any company, always use your common sense. If something a company promises you sounds too good to be true, check into it more so you can ensure they are not using some offers to take advantage.

    5. Take time to make your choice - Too many people hire the wrong company by rushing their choice. Do not make this mistake because this is how you will hire a company that cannot be trusted with your automobile.

    On deciding the company, ensure you discuss the following with them;

    1. Shipping mode- Whether Enclosed Or Not.

    Decide whether your vehicle has to be enclosed in a shipping container or not. Usually, enclosed containers cost more, but their advantage is that your vehicle will not suffer any damage the from rain, wind, or debris during transportation.This approach of transportation is best if the car is expensive or is brand new.

    2. Be aware of the shipping Routes
    You need to consult the auto car shippers on whether they can deliver the car to your house. Most shipping companies often deliver to the major cities and particular pickup locations. Other auto car shippers will charge an extra cost to ship it to your home. So it is crucial you talk with the company about their terms of service before shipping your car.

    3. Car Inspection
    Many auto car shippers companies have a car inspection checklist, both before and after shipping. Go through the checklist and make sure the condition of your car is checked properly before shipping. As well, take time and inspect the car after shipping to check for damages on your vehicle.

    5. Car Shipping Insurance
    Check with the shipping company on the insurance cover on your car, and it's cost. Many car shipping companies have their insurance fee included in the shipping cost. However, some do not and will require extra fee. Therefore, make sure you are aware of the insurance coverage terms and any other charges needed.

    Always ensure you give yourself enough time to make your choice. This way you will be confident that the company you hire will take good care of your car. Follow these tips and be sure to hire dependable auto shippers.


    Last Updated 1/25/2017

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