Don't Get Taken Advantage Of by an Auto Transport Company in Elliott County, KY

    When searching for a suitable local auto transport broker in Elliott County, KY, it's important that you proceed with extreme caution because there's always a chance that you may get scammed. Auto Transport brokers contract with auto carriers for the shipment of your car.  This means that choosing the wrong Auto Transport Broker can open you to unnecessary risk in regards to damage or loss of your vehicle. 

    Sure, there are many great auto brokers you can find in Elliott County, KY, but there are certain signals that you must be clearly wary of to ensure that your car is in safe hands.


    4 warning signs to look for when finding a local auto transport broker

    Hold on; don't sign the dotted lines just yet. Stay away from a Local Auto Transport broker in Elliott County, KY that shows the following obvious signs:

    1. Advance deposits: The rule of the thumb dictates that you should'nt have to pay a deposit to a broker and only agree on payment once the contract has been completed. Of course, there are legitimate businesses that take deposits for insurance and safety, but most of the time brokers demand illegal payment for other reasons. Brokers often demand deposits so that they know they're getting their share of payment regardless of the quality of service provided by the vehicle carrier to you. And you should deny such payment because you never know what kind of a truck driver or carrier the broker sells the contract.

    2. Poorly done websites: Shady companies often operate through websites and don't prefer spending a lot of money to make everything look good. When you visit the website of a local auto broker company in Elliott County, KY, a good way to find out about their legitimacy is by seeing their website design and the quality of content they have on it. An organization that exists for the sole purpose of scamming would have many grammatical mistakes in their content, poorly designed layout, and exaggerated claims that scream STAY AWAY! to anyone who knows what they're looking for.

    3. Lack of contact info: This is another vital element that you must take into consideration when doing business with an auto transport broker in Elliott County, KY. A company that barely has any contact or their history information published on their website, and doesn't list an address in Elliott County, KY is plain and simple bad news. The reluctance to share contact details mean that their business is not entirely legitimate, and they might be operating under the guise to scam and informed customers. A phone number is not enough; you must enquire about the physical address of their office as well as take a note of the client base to judge the company's efficiency properly.

    4. Exaggerated claims about insurance: Insurance is perhaps the most significant factor that you should be careful about when doing business with an AutoTransport broker in Elliott County, KY. You have no idea how sneaky some agents can be and how much they can sweet talk you into believing that they've got the best deals to offer than anyone else in the industry. They can go to any lengths to take the car from your hand, and they often do this by showing fraudulent license and insurance documents to those who want wise enough to verify the authenticity.

     If after reading these you are a bit leary about contacting a broker yourself then you there is a website called USHip where you can create a real time auction for your car! 

    Last Updated 3/30/2017