Moving can be a frustrating and hassle-ridden experience, right?

    There's packing, loading boxes and furniture, setting up utility bills, and then unpacking and settling into your new home. It's a major aggravation for many people--and that’s why we try to find ways to make such a stressful life event easier. This is where door-to door auto transport comes in, as it is the most convenient way to have your car or truck shipped to you. As such, this article will discuss how door-to-door auto transport works and why you ought to consider it for your next move.

    Topics included:

    Benefits of door-to-door transport for your car

    Why go for door to door service

    Moving is an inevitable part of any American household. While every reason for moving could be personal and contextual, in 2016, nearly half of Americans moved for housing-related reasons; a third for family-related reasons, and another third for employment/other related reasons. This doesn’t even count the nearly 2 million people who move into the States from abroad.

    That being said, moving means uprooting your life to start anew somewhere. It’s a pretty big deal, which is why it needs to be done properly, especially when you have valuable things to transport, like a vehicle.

    If you’re a vehicle owner and are planning to move really far, then you ought to hire a door-to-door auto transport service so you won't have to drive it there yourself or tow it there. Not only is door-to-door auto transport the most convenient way to ship your vehicle, it's also least likely to expose your car to wear-and-tear or damage. Having your car shipped to your new home will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

    How door-to-door auto transport service works

    The actual process of door-to-door auto transport service is fairly straightforward. If you are moving across town or somewhere nearby, then you are better served by simply driving your car to your new home, assuming that your car is in good condition.

    But if you are moving to a new city, new region, or even a new part of the world, then having your car transported by professionals is your best option. After all, do you really want to put a lot of miles on your vehicle by driving it across the country? Even if you don't drive and elect to haul it yourself, this is also going to cost you time and effort. Not only will you have to load your car or truck onto a trailer, you will also end up with higher fuel costs since you are going to be towing a car. Add to that the fact that you will probably have to spend money on renting a trailer, suddenly the prospect of trying to haul your own car quickly becomes far less appealing.

    Here is a video detailing how auto transport works:

    Two types of door-to-door auto transport service

    Enclosed shipping container

    One of the first decisions you have to make when selecting a door-to-door auto transport company is whether you want your vehicle shipped in an open trailer or an enclosed shipping container. Shipping your vehicle in an enclosed shipping container is generally going to cost you a little more money. But if your car is particularly valuable, such as if it is a classic or collector's car, then this is money well spent. Even if your car doesn't fall into one of these two categories you may still elect to have it shipped in an enclosed container just to ensure that it arrives at your new home in pristine condition.

    Open trailer

    While it is unlikely to happen, a car being transported in an open trailer could end up with incidental damage during transport. A car shipped in an open trailer could be hit by debris from the road, or bad weather could damage it. So, if you want to ensure your car is in perfect condition when it arrives, then you ought to go for enclosed container shipping.

    Other things to take into consideration in auto transport

    Another important factor to take into consideration is the distance that you are having your car or truck shipped. If it's within the same general region, then most door-to-door auto transport companies should be able to handle the job for you. If, however, your car needs to be shipped a great distance, perhaps even overseas, then you are going to need to find an auto transport company that has experience in this type of job.

    Your car will probably have to be flown to its new location, and not all auto transport companies offer this kind of service. So make sure you ask questions when looking at different auto shipping companies so you can find the one that can meet your needs and expectations.

    You should also make sure that you do your part when hiring a door-to-door auto transport service. Part of this is readying your vehicle for long-distance transport. While the company will for sure take care of your car, it's better not to be negligent. 

    How to choose the right door-to-door auto transport service

    Obviously, your vehicle is important to you. You rely on it to go to work, to go grocery shopping, to run errands, and for many other purposes that are integral to your way of life. If your car or truck were to suddenly be taken from you then your life would immediately become much more challenging. Simple things like going to the grocery store that would normally take a few minutes suddenly become all-day ordeals.

    The point is that your car or truck is vitally important to your life. So you need to ensure that when you are choosing a door-to-door auto transport company, you choose one that is reputable and known to deliver on its promises.

    The most important thing to do when choosing an auto shipping company is to ensure that they are a professional organization with all of the necessary permits, licenses, and insurance. Any reputable auto transporting company should have their credentials listed on their website, and should also be happy to provide them to you if you request to see them.

    Auto shipping companies should also provide you with quotes depending on the distance and time it will take to deliver your vehicle. Reputable companies give out quotes free of charge.

    While it is unlikely that anything will happen to damage your car during transport, the fact is that unexpected things do sometimes come up. What happens if the truck transporting your vehicle is involved in a car accident? What happens if it is stolen? What happens if someone vandalizes your car when it is on a trailer? A reputable auto transport company with insurance will be able to cover any losses.

    When the time comes to move make the smart choice and hire a reputable and insured auto shipping company to transport your car to your new home.