It can often be frustrating trying to weed out honest, upfront auto shipping companies...right? 

    With the vehicle shipping market eclipsing the 11 billion dollar mark you can rest assured here are dozens upon dozens of online companies providing automobile shipping quotes. Some guarantee "the best flat rate service," while others offer "faster shipping, cheaper rates!" But among these promises and guarantees, how do you know which companies are worth trusting and which ones are simply trying to make a quick buck from those who need shipping quotes?

    Before you book a company and decide who to hire for shipping services, consider some of these factors to find companies which will offer honest automobile shipping quotes.

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    Automobile shipping quotes

    1. They don't give you the runaround 

    How do you know if you're being given the turnaround? If an auto shipping company offering online quotes requires you to:

    • Fill out an initial form.
    • Fill out additional questionnaires
    • Call an agent, and then have an agent call you

    If you're being asked to jump through many hoops before they provide you a quote, you might be dealing with a dishonest auto shipping company.

    Look for auto shipping companies that are decisive, go straight to the point, and only ask questions which are relevant to your shipping needs. For example:

    • Where are you shipping from and to?
    • What type of car/vehicle is it?
    • Do you need additional insurance (and time window you need it shipped by)?

    From there, the site should provide you with an instant quote. If you have to do too much or go through page after page and phone call after phone call, avoid these auto shipping companies.

    2. Quoting process is simple 

    An auto shipping company that offers reliable services and reasonable prices is going to make the quote process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

    What might they ask from you? They might require you to:

    • Fill out an initial form (vehicle, license tag, color, location, etc); 
    • Prepare for the shipping process (where to leave the car, what they need to transport it, etc); and 
    • Tracking updates (once you leave the car where requested and it is picked up for shipping, a company should keep you up to date in terms of where the vehicle is).

    Basically, the company should make the automobile shipping quotes process simple, seamless, and as basic as possible for all customers in need of shipping services.


    What to look out for from dishonest auto shipping companies 

    Now that you know what an honest auto shipping company will require of you, what should you avoid with online (or phone) quotes?

    • Avoid companies which ask for credit card or other payment information before providing you a quote. Quotes should be free of charge; if they aren't, move forward to another company.
    • Companies should be fully licensed, insured, and bonded. If they aren't willing to provide you with licensing information and numbers, do not deal with them. Companies should have a solid reputation. A quick online search will lead you to several companies you can rely on, versus those to avoid.
    • Do your research, compare shipping companies, and compare several quotes prior to choosing a company for auto shipping services. It is possible to find the best pricing, from the most reliable, honest, professional shipping companies. But, you have to take the time, effort, and use all available resources, to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, versus one which is simply trying to gather information about you, and overcharge you for services you probably won't be satisfied with.