Auto Shipping and Buying Cars Online

    To a few, purchasing a car online may appear like a funny thought, considering that the "attempt before you buy" viewpoint is dispensed with from the procedure. Nonetheless, by utilizing secure discussions, for example, eBay, numerous car purchasers have left the experience excited at the result - and with somewhat additional spending money to save.

    In spite of the fact that it's actual, you may show signs of improvement arrangement, purchasing a car online is not a good fit for everybody. We've inspected the upsides and downsides of online car shopping to help you choose in the event that this alternative is a good fit for you, and also recorded some excellent tips to make the procedure not so much distressing but rather more secure.

    Pros of buying a car online

    When you buy online, you are essentially purchasing a car at wholesale, so you can usually find a good deal. The retail market, associated with dealerships, includes operating expenses that contribute to the final sale price of your vehicle. Because online sellers have lower operating costs or are motivated to sell quickly, they typically offer cars at lower prices.

    Cons of buying a car online

    One of the biggest pitfalls of purchasing a vehicle online is the unknown degree of risk. Because you are unable to inspect the vehicle in person, it's hard to know if the car you want to buy has any hidden damage or mechanical defects. You could end up with a bad investment.

    Fortunately, most automobile shopping websites feature an option that enables you to browse local listings. Using sites like,, and, you can find vehicles near you, so you can still test drive the car, or have it inspected by your mechanic or local repair shop.

    Also, although you may get a lower price for the vehicle you want, prices are firm. In most cases, the seller has researched the market and understands what the fair Auto Shipping price is, so you'll be less likely to be able to haggle and negotiate.

    Tips for buying a car online

    - Research the seller and their transaction history. Do they have a history of positive feedback from previous customers? Even if you don't have many questions about the vehicle, speak to the seller by phone to get a feel for their integrity. Do they seem trustworthy?

    - Be skeptical of sketchy payment policies. In most cases, only a small deposit - a percentage of the purchase price - is required to hold the vehicle until final payment. Avoid any seller who pressures you to rush them a payment.

    - Consider the logistics of your purchase. Before you buy a car online, add up the costs of any flights, hotels, meals and the driving time it will take for you to pick it up. You should also consider any other shipping and transportation costs, and factor them into the total purchase price of the vehicle.

    - Maintain realistic expectations. Be prepared to accept the fact that you are basing your judgment on photos, and even the clearest ones can't portray everything. You won't be able to nitpick and haggle over every minor ding or scratch on the vehicle.

    - Invest in a Carfax report to determine if the automobile has been in any accidents, and consult the Kelley Blue Book for the current market price of the vehicle.

    If you need financing for your new car, an auto loan may be the best option for you. Also, be sure to protect your investment with an auto insurance policy. Legally, you will need at least liability coverage to drive it home. And if you still need help with your purchasing decision, check out these additional car buying tips.


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    Last Updated 3/30/2017