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    AutoShipping.tips is a website with the goal of helping our visitors identify ways to save money, time and stress when it comes to autoshipping. Shipping your car is one of those things that you never think about until it happens to you. If you are a college student, in the Military, a snowbird, or a professional athlete, or just anyone who has moved or has to move frequently across the country you know that shipping your car can be a stressfull experience. You are entrusting someone with one of the most expensive assets in your life and you have  probably never met them before hand. Well here at AutoShipping.tips we want to let you peak behind the proverbial autoshipping curtain and see how things work and hopefully learn some tricks to make sure that you get the best deal and your car arrives safely at its destination.  

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    We are a group of nerds that love building websites that solve problems for people. We came across autoshipping at one of our previous jobs and realized just what a daunting task this can be. So why not build a site that can help guide people through it? Well from there we decided to make it so we could upload different Auto shippers to the site then we could do reviews. Then once we could do reviews we though hey we should let other people do reviews as well. All that being said we are always trying to add new features for our visitors with the goal of making the auto shipping experience as pain free as possible. 


    Where are we? 

    We are based out of southern california, so we enjoy spending time with our families out in the beautiful california weather, and working outdoors as much as possible. We enjoy beach volleyball, running, hiking, and just relaxing at the beach. 


    Please let us know if there is ever anything you think we could do better, or any cool features you would like to see implemented. 



    AutoShipping.tips Team 


    Joe Zephyr

    Joe Zephyr hails from just outside of Phoenix in Buckeye, AZ. He is a huge fan of classic cars and taking in Spring Training games with his wife. He has been writing for AutoShipping.tips since the beginning, having worked at an auto shipping brokerage, both as a sales rep and manager.

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